Other Equipment

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Centrifuge: Thermo Scientific – SorvallTMRC 6 Plus

The Thermo Scientific – SorvallTMRC 6 Plus centrifuge is engineered to provide exceptional safety, flexibility and productivity. This system combines several functionalities inexistent in normal centrifuges:  

  •  High precision.
  •  Supporting sample formats ranging from micro tubes (0.5 mL) up to 1L volumes.
  •  Able to achieve high speeds - up to 22,000rpm/55,200xg for efficient and faster separations.
  •  Exceptional acceleration and deceleration rates deliver significant time savings and increase throughput unparalleled Safety.
  •  Powerful refrigeration system can cool all rotors to 4°C at top speeds, keeping samples safe and not affected by the over heat.


Freez Dryer: FreeZone and Freeze-drying vacuum from Labconco

  • The Freezone Cool a heat transfer solution to -40°C.
  • The FreeZone shell freezers and provide a compact, efficient system for prefreezing samples for lyophilization.
  • The unit rotate flasks in a low-temperature heat transfer solution, coating the interior surface area of the flask with a uniform thin shell of the specimen material.

Glove box: Labconco

  • Designed to manipulate objects where a separate atmosphere and vacuum.
  • To allows manipulation of substances that must be contained within a very high purity inert atmosphere, such as argon or nitrogen.
rotary evaporator

Rotary evaporator's: Buchi

  • Used for the efficient and gentle extraction of solvents and samples evaporation.