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The governance of E2P2L

The governance of E2P2L is organized around a collaborative management model composed of three bodies in charge of the validation of projects and the scientific orientation of the laboratory:

  • Steering Committee with Syensqo Stakeholders (every 3 months):
    • Technology Platforms,
    • Corporate Research Management team (Syensqo R&I),
    • Global Business Units (GBUs),
  • Steering Committee of the UMI Consortium, consisting of the 8 partners (once per year),
  • Scientific Committee of the UMI (consultative only regarding scientific excellence, once per year).


The decisions of the Steering Committees are guided by the recommendations of the Scientific Committee. In this model, good alignment between application and innovation is crucial for the success of a project. Projects need to fulfill the following criteria.

  • Market potential,
  • Technological differentiation (IP creation and scientific challenge),
  • Environmental stakes.