Special Reactors of E2P2L

Next to standard organic chemical glassware our facilities also include different high pressure reactors, high throughput reactors and electrochemical reactors. Below is the list of our equipment.

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Autoclave Reactor

Autoclave reactor: 均相反应器 

For fast organic reactions and to design heterogeneous catalysts under high pressure and mechanical stirring 

  • pressure >15 bar 
  • rotation = 80 rpm 
  • max temperature = 300°C
small autoclaves

Small pressure Reactor: Taiatsu TVS-N

  • Volume: 30 mL
  • Maximum working pressure: 200 Bar
  • Maximum temperature: 250 °C
  • Configuration parts: inside teflon tube, Rupture disc, Pressure gauge, etc.

Carousel radleys

Carousel hot and cold plates: Radley's

  • Flexible multi reactor fast and scalable reactions in parallel.
  • Working under the same conditions : temperature, stirring speed and atmosphere.
  • operating under large temperature range: between -78°C and + 200°C. 
  • Mechanically and magnetically stirring. 

HPRDE-100: High Pressure Rotating Disc Electrode System: Yashentech Corp

  • Rotating disc electrochemical high pressure reactor capable to run at supercritical CO2
  • pressure up to 80 bar, temperature up to 90°C
  • Batch reactor, designed for feeding low pressure gas, and CO2. CO2 is used to regulate the pressure
  • Sampling of gas and liquid either per syringe or at the sampler
  • Later introduction of reactant solution possible
  • 4 electrode positions are included: either for use of rotating disc or as parallel standard setup where the rotating disc can be changed to a stirrer
microwave reactors

2 Microwave systems:

  • Biotage Safe, flexible microwave synthesizer for fast and scalable reactions, tailored for synthetic chemistry.
  • Mars 6 A microwave system offers very efficient system for the synthesis of inorganic materials. Both open and closed vessel reactions can be run in this multimode system, which can also accommodate accessories such as condensers and reflux glassware. Sequential, dual magnetrons offer up to 1800 watts of power to drive reactions. this advanced, proprietary vessel designs ensure controllable, reproducible reactions up to 100 times faster than conventional thermal heating. MARS Systems are constructed of solid, high-grade, stainless-steel with a cavity that is multi-layer Teflon ®-coated to resist corrosion

MPRS-3TC (three channel trickle bed reactor) Yashentech Corp

  • MPRS-3TC System is mainly designed for the studies of gas and liquid reaction systems with solid catalyysts under low pressure (≤30BarG) and moderate reaction temperature, including solid catalysts testing, reaction mechanism study, and comprehensive testing of industrial catalysts as well as their associated process development, etc. The suitable reaction systems for MPRS-3TC System are under room temperature and atmospheric pressure, System feeds exist in the form of gas and/or liquid, including gas mixture and liquid solution; under reaction temperature and pressure, System feeds exist in the form of gas, and/or vapor, and/or liquid, including their mixture; under cold trap temperature and reaction pressure, reaction effluent is in the form of gas, and/or liquid, including gas mixture and liquid solution.
parr reactor

Parr-Reactor (batch reactor: 100 mL) 

  • the Parr reactor is a special flexible batch and continuous system working under high pressure (maximum: 200 bar) and high temperature (maximum: 325oC) and mechanical stirring (maximum: 700 rpm). this system is dedicated to carry in a hydrogenation reactions. in addition Parr-reactor is engineered to work with liquid and gas ammonia.