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2nd Visit of Nobel Laureate Prof. Ben Feringa to Solvay Shanghai

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On Nov 9, Nobel Prize-winning chemist Professor Bernard Lucas Feringa visited the Solvay China R&I Center in Shanghai to participate in a seminar held by Solvay’s open innovation hub Eco-Efficient Products & Processes Laboratory (E2P2L), and shared his advices on the lab's research projects.

After listening to the reports from E2P2L researchers, Prof. Feringa gave a lecture entitled "Exploring Chemical Activation", introducing his recent findings in the field of organic chemistry and catalysis and answering questions raised by the Solvay team.

Prof. Feringa told the audience at the seminar: “Today I’m very glad to join the project discussion at Solvay. Looking at the past, we are proud of chemistry. But now we have to face the challenges and create new chemistry to tackle the pressing issues for mankind. And Solvay is leading the way in exploring the future. Working together, I hope our research can push chemistry forward.”

Solvay China R&I Director Howard HAO said: “Prof. Feringa's visit is an exciting moment. It demonstrates the importance of open innovation at Solvay. We encourage collaboration for scientific progress and believe exchanges of minds bring new sparks. At Solvay China R&I Center, we look forward to promoting green technology breakthroughs through more exchanges and collaborations with local and international academic partners to empower sustainable development.”

E2P2L Director Dr. Jessie ZHENG said: "Our team is honored to have the opportunity to present key research projects to Prof. Feringa and have face-to-face exchanges with him. We are also inspired by the professor's latest explorations in cutting-edge fields. Such exchanges are rare and valuable, and will be of great help to the team's technological capabilities. E2P2L will continue to work hand in hand with all parties to create eco-efficient products and processes that can address the pain points of the times, and help the world move towards a decarbonized future."

Established in 2011, E2P2L is Solvay’s unique open innovation platform. The lab is dedicated to the innovation of eco-efficient products and processes to reduce the oil dependence and carbon footprint of the processes, promote low-carbon and circular economy, and enable sustainable development. To date, Solvay has allied with more than 30 top universities and research institutes worldwide through E2P2L to drive technological advancement.

Prof. Feringa currently works at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. He is the 2015 Solvay Prize Laureate and was awarded the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2016 for the design and synthesis of molecular machines.