Catalytic oxidation


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Oxidation reactions constitute one of the fundamental transformations in synthetic organic chemistry and many large industrial processes are based on oxidation (e.g. cyclohexane oxidation, phenol oxidation etc...). However, in common practice, these reactions are often constraint by a poor selectivity or the use of a large amount of oxidants as well as additives.


Our objective is to design new materials that are capable of promoting more selectively the oxidation of substrates of interest, such as alcohols or alkanes, using clean oxidants such as air or hydrogen peroxide.

In this field, we have interest in both heterogeneous catalysts (e.g. zeolites) and new environmentally friendly homogeneous catalysts exhibiting very high activities. We focus on the development of the catalysts and study their mechanism both experimentally and theoretically with the objective to deliver potential industrial solutions for the production of specialty chemicals.


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