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E2P2L wins the Gold Medal ath the International Exhibiton of Inventors

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 In April 2017, the amination team of E2P2L received a Gold Medal at the First China (Shanghai)

golden prize international inventors 2017-01-328785

International Exhibition of Inventions for its work on "Amination of biobased alcohols and its applications in new polymeric materials". The exhibition was organized by Shanghai Association of Inventions. Team leader, Dr. Zhen Yan was on stage on behalf of the entire team. The amination team includes scientists from both Solvay and CNRS.
The team has made breakthrough on yield and selectivity of making diamine from HMF (hydroxymethylfurfural) or isosobide. This project has got 5 invention patents yet. After getting Minhang distinct Employee Invention Award and Silver Prize of of 9th International Exhibition Invention in 2016, it gets recognition again from higher level.