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Solvay’s Mengjia WU wins prestigious “Shanghai Rising-Star” Prize in 2016

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Mengjia Wu, a senior research scientist from Corporate R&I laboratory E2P2L in Solvay’s  Shanghai Center, has won the prestigious prize from Shanghai Municipal of Science and Technology Commission (SMSCT) as “Shanghai Rising-Star of Science and Technology” in 2016. She was honored in the category of “Industrial Stars” and a governmental funding was granted to support Solvay’s innovative solutions on renewable energy solutions. 


Since five years, Mengjia has been working on technical solutions for highly-efficient and cost competitive direct-type fuel cells by using a non-hazardous product produced in Solvay. This reward, as well as the funding, is a strong recognition and support from Shanghai Municipal on Solvay’s research and innovation activities in sustainable energy field. 

Mengjia graduated from Shanghai Institute of Ceramics, Chinese Academy of Sciences, and holds a PhD in Materials Physics and Chemistry. She joined Solvay in 2011, and has been working on various applications of electrochemistry for both short-term and long-term projects, including energy conversion and storage, organic synthesis, corrosion protection, inhibitor evaluation, and analytical electrochemistry. Meanwhile, she also works closely with several GBUs to provide technical solutions based on electrochemistry for new product analysis as well as new market development. 

The award of “Shanghai Rising Star” is intended to promote young talent to take leadership in innovative projects for the development and industrialization of emerging technologies and products. This program includes “Academic Stars” and “Industrial Stars”, and only 2% of the winners are from foreign companies.   

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