Creation of E2P2L mirror lab with UCCS in Lille

Creation of E2P2L mirror lab with UCCS in Lille

A “mirror site” of the international joint unit (UMI) “Eco-Efficient Products and Processes Laboratory” (E2P2L) was created on February 26 at the UCCS laboratory in Lille

E2P2L was launched over a year ago in Shanghai to promote Sino-French research into sustainable solutions for the environment, endangered by China’s spectacular economic growth. It is a collaboration between CNRS, the French chemical producer Solvay, East China Normal University (ECNU), and the ENS Lyon.

Housed in the Shanghai Solvay research center, the joint unit aims to design a clean, eco-friendly chemistry of the future, with reduced environmental impact and greenhouse gas emissions. In particular, it will seek to develop processes and materials with low ecological impact. E2P2L is expected to work as an open laboratory bringing together leading researchers and academics from various fields and countries.

The new mirror site in Lille will further boost exchanges between the two countries and provide training for Chinese students at the UCCS. T he lab enjoys international recognition in biomass valorization and combines expertise in solid chemistry and catalysis. By collaborating within the UMI E2P2L, the labs will be able to share technical facilities, funding, and knowledge. T hey will also draw from Solvay’s proven expertise in turning fundamental research into industrial applications.

This article is cited from "cnrs international magazine no29, page 36"

Photo: Launching the new E2P2L mirror site at the UCCS in Lille. Left to right: Lille university president Philippe Rollet, Nord-Pas-de Calais prefect Dominique Bur, Solvay scientific director Patrick Maestro, Regional council VP Pierre de Saintignon, CNRS Institute of Chemistry director Régis Réau.