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Seminar of Dr. Metivier in Fudan University

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Seminar of Dr. Metivier in Fudan University

On October 26th 2015, Dr. Pascal Metivier (VP of R&I Asia) was invited by Professor Yongyao Xia to give a seminar to graduates in Chemistry Department of Fudan University. 

The title of the seminar was "sustainable development and life cycle analysis". Dr. Metivier first introduced the 150-year history of Solvay, and then he talked about the theory and importance of life cycle analysis, followed by two industrial examples. 

Over 30 participants attended the seminar, including professors and graduates, and many questions were raised regarding the application of this methodology in various processes and fields, including Solar Impulse II.

Dr. Metivier's presentation was warmly appreciated by the participants, and both Solvay and Fudan parties agreed to continue and strengthen this type of communication in the future.