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E2P2L Team Building - 17th June 2016

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Per our lab tradition, the E2P2L team building for the first half of 2016 was organized in 1933 Shanghai, a historical landmark in Hongkou District, Shanghai designed in Roman Basilica style. In total, 28 members participated the team building, including our interns and colleagues from our analytical lab. We were grouped in 4 teams and played in 3 games including treasure hunting (get hint of location from Mobile App, looking for the questions around the buildings and answer the questions), darting (throw the ball to the dart after 10 blind in-situ rotations) and nametag ripping battle (as running man). We did have a lot of fun during 3 hours activities and ended up dining in a very nice restaurant.

Our twice-a-year team building is aim to gather and to connect colleagues, interns and our long-term partners together so that we may not only remain simple colleagues but also be able to share some joys in our life together.