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Solvay China Won the “Responsibility and Innovation” Award in Corporate Social Responsibility Excellence Awards Summite

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On 27th July, Solvay won the “Responsibility and Innovation” Award and was invited to participate in the “Invest in Green Future” Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Excellence Awards Ceremony and Summit in Shanghai. 


In the past three months, Solvay China R&I Center and Solvay China Communication had been working together to prepare for the competition case “Seeking Innovation through Cooperation, First Open Innovation Laboratory in China – International Joint Research Laboratory for Eco-efficient Products and Processes (E2P2L)”. After competing against other 82 multinational companies of various industries such as Coca Cola, HSBC and L'Oreal, Solvay won the “Responsibility and Innovation” Award.

"Solvay focuses on meeting up the challenges of sustainable solutions. Innovation plays a key role when we create values", said Leo Sun, Solvay Greater China GM, "E2P2L is one of our best innovative practice in China. Solvay China R&I Center aims at becoming the most influential R&I center worldwide in the backdrop of the economic transition as well as the China industrial transition."



Guided by the Information Office of Shanghai Municipality, Shanghai Commission of Commerce and Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, the event was organized by Shanghai Observer under Jiefang Daily, Shanghai Daily and The event received wide attention, with more than 400,000 people voting or engaged in the event through new media platforms. The campaign received altogether 100 cases submitted from 83 companies. Based on the assessment by the judge panel and public votes, winners have been selected whose experience and practice will be promoted to foster Shanghai’s green development.

This E2P2 laboratory was set up in November 2011 in Shanghai and is a joint research unit (UMI 3464) which was initially established by the French National Scientific Center (CNRS), Solvay, the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) of Lyon and the East China Normal University (ECNU). In 2013, the University of Lille and the University of Fudan also joined this international research consortium. By far, benefited from different competitive advantages and capabilities brought by each partner, E2P2L team becomes very strong.

With over 150 years of experiences in the research, development and production in the chemical industry, Solvay Group is determined to become the leader in rebuilding the image of chemical industry in the context of globalization. The group invests about 3% of its operating revenue in technical research and development every year and accumulates hardware facilities and special talents year by year. Years of accumulation enables Solvay Group to produce over 260 international patents for inventions annually. 20% of the sales comes from new products. As the only international joint laboratory in China, E2P2L will actively promote local innovation, transfer of international technologies and the exchanges and introduction of international talents.