Stimulating Top Level Science at E2P2L

World-Class Scientists in Catalysis and Sustainable Chemistry met with our Scientists in Shanghai.

  Science and Steering Committee and E2P2L Team Picture Click to enlarge
A high level E2P2L Scientific & Steering Committee Meeting was held at Solvay R&I Center Shanghai on 19th and 20th of September 2016. After last year’s fruitful HCRES Committee Meeting which resulted in a 5 year extension for the laboratory, we gathered together again for top level scientific discussions and project reviews with our world-class professors and collaborators.

After the opening presentation of E2P2L’s director Armin Liebens, the project leaders presented their key results of the past year to the Science Committee on the first day of the event. Numerous exchanges were made to assure high-level scientific discussions on the second day with different project teams. Positive feedbacks were received from all of our committee members and partners, accompanied with priceless scientific consultations. They all delightedly accepted our invitation to come back in 2017.